2017 Community Leader of the Year | Patricia Logan

Ms. Patricia Logan has been a staple in the George Washington Carver High School community for many years and this year we were all finally able to say Thank You…

School Champions are an essential component to the ACE Mentor Program as they are the point of contact to the school, they are able to identify students for the program and hold them accountable throughout their year-long participation. For the past 17 years, Ms. Pat has been an advocate for our ACE program in the school and in her community. Her creative and sincerely kind spirit has her involved in various organizations and student programs, all focusing on personal development and career exposure – with a special focus on women’s leadership.

Without her unwavering support throughout the years, ACE would have never been able to become a part of the culture of Carver High School – which has no doubt produced countless leaders and emerging professionals into the design and construction industry.

But don’t take our word for it, we will let the students and faculty of George Washington Carver High School speak for themselves:


Ms. Pat is pictured with our Affiliate Director, Tiffany and ACE students from GW Carver High School for Engineering and Science.



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